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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Two SAINTS 'are very expensive',demanding our devotion and attention,which cost us time and effort and also some sacrifice.......BOTH SAINTS are 'SLAYERS OF THE DRAGON', of Satan,the Devil,the Adversary, and whatever other names refer to this.... SAINT MICHAEL is an ARCHANGEL but in some circles,both religous and occult as well as esoteric, HE is considered to be JESUS CHRIST,usually before the INCARNATION OF CHRIST in a human body or form,etc. In other words, JESUS existed before HIS incarnation in a Human Body...a physical Body...thus many think of Jesus as Spirit in Nature,etc. Consult with your 'religious' advisors and experts to learn more about this before undergoing any changes in beliefs... SAINT GEORGE is a man and is known from stories and legends of the SAINTS.....He was the Patron Saint of Gurdjieff

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


For those who believe they will be absorbec in Divine Worlds or by GOD and be One with GOD-it is an act of destruction-dissolving the ego, the sould, and all previous forms of existence-into TOTAL BEING. GOD is also THE GOD OF GOOD AND EVIL-the CREATOR of both-GOD has 'KNOWLEDGE' of GOOD & EVIL-which means in the old meaning of "know" AN INTIMATE RELATION(SHIP) with both, as,for example,"a man knows or knew his wife(woman)".. FEELING is the ESSENTIAL INSTRUMENT OF KNOWING. Relation(s) therefore is(are) direct contact on the same LEVEL at the same INTENSITY. To have a REAL RELATIONSHIP with GOD, and not the imagined,ones everyone believes they have becasue of some rite,ritual,ceremony, recitation of creeds, or the like, is simply TO BE intimate with GOD and can anyone honestly say they are? However, every act of creative, artistic or manufacturing or growing activity, whatever, involves an act of destruction. Transmutation and transformation are also destructive although many see them as 'creative' as in some types of evolution...which is AN ASCENDING ARC.......or stream....

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Biblical accounts in the New Testament, that is, the Four Gospels as well as some works that are considered apocryphal, indicate that most Teachings by Jesus, who is called THE CHRIST or 'THE ANOINTED ONE', THE MESSIAH, etc. were transmitted orally rather than written down and studied by those associated in various ways with HIM, especially his disciples...of whom there were a number aside from the APOSTLES....which means that all these groups received spoken material and perhaps had some discussions during and after such over certain items, at which we can only guess or surmize about. Given the times when all such took place and with various problems and issues of the time, too numerous to deal with in any entirety, a certain 'secrecy' or 'clandestine aspect' fell over all such, especially when 'vested interests' and 'opposing factions' attempted to suppress emerging Christianity which was eventually organized into various groups, sects, churches, etc. and these were to become transformed into something we seldom are able to understand or recognize because we are blinded by dogma and various beliefs that do not correspond to the historical development. Today's contemporary Christians focus on either rituals, rites and ceremonies or some facet of such or focus entirely on the written/printed word of Bibles and associated Scriptures and more so on the various expositions and 'religous' books and literature that has become immense...some popular and superficial,etc. No long is Christianity given in the old way: by oral transmissions except in certain instances....but even these are doubtful .....the content and the purpose, the 'spirit' and the esoteric basis are changed into more literal levels for those approaching this religion......which is grounded on a lot of emotions and beliefs and assumptions...... I have not done any justice to this topic as yet to statet what is an accurate notion of 'ORIGINAL TEACHINGS','ORIGINS OF CHRISTIANTITY', or 'ORAL TRANSMISSIONS OF TEACHINGS', etc. But I think that most Christians today, even though they attend churches of all kinds devoted to 'Christianity' of some kind and listen to sermons or Bible readings or sing psalms and hymns and undergo all kinds of things to re-inforce their beliefs, do not really receive the 'truth' or the 'essential core' of Christianity....for such is not to compartmentalized or done only one day a week....nor is such to be always theoretically understood......More on this another time.......But the question remains, ARE THERE ANY REAL TEACHERS OR PRACTITIONERS OF TRUE, ANCIENT CHRISTIANITY IN THE WORLD TODAY?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The subject of ESOTERIC CHRISTIANITY has long interested me,especially when I encountered the term in some of the writings by and on the late GURDJIEFF. The differences between EXOTERIC and ESOTERIC CHRISTIANITY are not as obvious to the average person who spends time in Church(es) or in devotional or charitable works or in practices of 'faith-affirming' and the like. Most of those who term or consider themselves as 'CHRISTIANS' may spend time in church or meeting hall or house, praying the standard(ized) prayers, reciting creeds and credos, or in other things related...such as 'SCRIPTURE' of 'BIBLE' reading, catchism classes, etc. and go no further in searching the actual origins of CHRISTIANITY beyond a mere social,cultural,political, and historical consideration, if at all.....Moreover, what analysis is done, if any, by them is based on EMOTIONS and usually rote learning given to them and not on actual 'spiritual' knowledge or experience....which many will deny and get most defensive about when questioned in this manner and from what is written here if they read.... Of course, one cannot say for certain what the brains of others contain or how they manage their 'mental' circuits, arrangements, etc. called 'thoughts' but one can take from their verbal statements and how they are expressed and the way they are often received, that not much thinking has been done and not much actual experience had, including answers to 'petitions','prayer's, 'affirmations' 'evocations' etc. .....or any that can be truly verified.... However,certain influences and impressions, on various levels and scales, from large to small, certainly are worth discussing and so are the various histories of CHRISTIANITY from all perspectives,which should,but seldom do, include those of ANCIENT EGYPT, ANCIENT GREECE, ANCIENT ROME, ANCIENT MESOPOTAMIA, ANCIENT ISRAEL/JUDEA/NEAR EAST, Ancient Arabia(Islam) and several other areas....This could include what Yogis and Hindus say, as well as Taoists, Tibetans, Chinese, and even Folk Shamans......and a few agnostics and atheists and possibly some philosophers, scientists, evolutionists, writers (both fiction and non-fiction,fantasy,etc.) After reading and absorbing any or all of this stuff, we are no more likely to reach any genuine insights of our own or to come out of the elaborate maze constructed by groups and sects and cults and everyone else any better when it comes to daily life..... It will only be when we have wedded knowledge with belief, noting that no religion,even Christianity, is above TRUTH, and when our own relation to spiritual matters, divine or otherwise, to God or gods, to the universe or some similar word, that we will have some minor clue as to what life is all about, hopefully, and our place and our significance and perhaps garner some way to insure that after death we might survive somehow, in some form, visible or invisible,etc......

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I have created this blog which extends certain notions of mine and others that are found in other blogs and readers or followers, if any, can discover what these are when they continue to comment, if they do, and I certainly hope they shall. Many sources on ESOTERIC CHRISTIANITY are available and more are forthcoming as might be expected on such a subject, which also relates to what people term 'THE BIBLE' and other types of scriptures, manuscripts, documents, etc. as well as certain archeological and similar studies in all these areas that only capture the modern imagination when presented usually in a sensational manner and which evoke literary fictions and numerous entertaining movie scripts,etc. The images and impressions of anything that people received and the influences of such are often difficult to assess beyond a certain level that often seems obvious but for which little proof seems to exist....despite the statistical relations uncovered and probability is not causation....despite the great strength such might have in making us form our decisions on life and other important events, which can, of course, merely be the means of choosing the more popular brand of anything, such as coffee or ice cream..... However, religion of any kind can prompt violent and intense emotions that are a very great distance from the meditations of monks, yogins, lamas, sufis, and others if they are truly on those paths or ways....... The lack of serenity and calmness and security in the modern world or the seeming lack of such, as well as 'common courtesy' as defined in some etiquette books, sometimes brings people to go beyond the obvious forms and structures of many religions and to delve into the more arcane, occult and esoteric areas, that once were either forbidden, neglected, ignored, and controlled in many ways that are now more accessible, available, and 'less expensive' perhaps.....and few are prepared to take actual physical journeys to seek out the places where they might uncover the esoteric and experience it themselves and so rely on others to suply them with information, tools, etc. which is not to be of any less importance.... Fascination for the unusual, the strange, the weird, etc. may seem to run rampant along with the varied and excessive fantasies people often have when in pursuit of these things and all kinds of entrepreneurs rise up to meet the occasion and to attempt to satisfy these cravings and desires and longings for all 'the great secrets of the universe' now ready and waiting for the average man who can now, thanks to a lot of technology and other things, 'penetrate the veils' etc...... At any rate, a long but usually interrupted journey is what confronts any seeker of truth or even justice or the good....providing they do not settle for mediocre definitions of any of these things and do not allow their own integrity to be corrupted or distracted by the 'temptations' and 'inducements' of those opposed to their efforts, as they surely will encounter...... While the joys of mysticism,etc. are extolled by the saints, there is also the 'dark night of despair' and other things, like 'guardians of the thresholds' or 'keepers of the flame' etc. etc. Life is fraught, as is said, with peril and if physical life is so endowed, and it is, with peril the 'spiritual' is even more so....