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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Two SAINTS 'are very expensive',demanding our devotion and attention,which cost us time and effort and also some sacrifice.......BOTH SAINTS are 'SLAYERS OF THE DRAGON', of Satan,the Devil,the Adversary, and whatever other names refer to this.... SAINT MICHAEL is an ARCHANGEL but in some circles,both religous and occult as well as esoteric, HE is considered to be JESUS CHRIST,usually before the INCARNATION OF CHRIST in a human body or form,etc. In other words, JESUS existed before HIS incarnation in a Human Body...a physical Body...thus many think of Jesus as Spirit in Nature,etc. Consult with your 'religious' advisors and experts to learn more about this before undergoing any changes in beliefs... SAINT GEORGE is a man and is known from stories and legends of the SAINTS.....He was the Patron Saint of Gurdjieff

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